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Church Legacy

legacyOver the past several years it has become increasingly evident of the need for Northwest Baptist churches to plan for the future, just as individuals do. The Foundation is taking steps to meet this need.

The Foundation is launching a campaign called Church Legacy Planning.  The objective is Preserving Our Heritage  and the purpose is to develop a cooperative strategy to insure, protect, and enrich the longevity and legacy of Northwest Baptist churches.

We define Legacy Planning as the process of developing and documenting a church’s strategy for protecting and passing on its assets. To read the complete plan, click here.

To help your church begin its Legacy Plan, the Foundation is willing to be a depository for your church’s legacy file.  But what does that mean for your church?  There are four documents that your church needs:

  1. Articles of Incorporation and by-laws;

  2. A copy of the current status as a corporation in your state;

  3. Recorded deed representing ownership for your property; and

  4. Title Report.

We are willing to store these in our files for the benefit of your church and for future reference.  Church Legacy Planning is just one of the many ways in which the Foundation can be of service to you and your church.

Thank YOU for supporting the work of the Foundation for 60 years!


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