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Church Trust Services

Empowering Northwest Baptists to provide a Christian Legacy

Whether you need to start a building fund, scholarship fund, or save for a rainy day, we can create a trust fund to meet your church’s individual needs.  And, with the multiple investment opportunities available in trust funds managed by the Foundation, we can usually help you receive a higher return than you can obtain from your local bank.

TrustEvery charitable organization (including churches) can benefit from the creation of an endowment fund.  An endowment fund can provide financial support for the ministry of your church every year, forever!  An endowment fund can provide stability for your church’s budget during times when your community faces hard times.  You do not need to have expertise in managing trusts or endowments – the Foundation can help. We currently manage many endowments for many churches and Baptist organizations. If you are interested in creating an endowment, give us a call and we can provide you with the appropriate information.

Your church receives contributions from your congregation on a regular basis.  But, sometimes a member wishes to make a donation of something other than cash.  In those circumstances, your church may not have the experience or the ability to handle the matter efficiently.  The Foundation is able and ready to assist you when these opportunities arise, often at no additional cost to you.

Churches, like any other person or entity, must be aware that their property, cash and equipment may be at risk due to fraud, theft, or diversion to use for the benefit of another.  Safeguarding and protecting your assets is something that requires your attention now.  The Foundation can help you understand and implement the steps necessary to protect the legacy of your church. This will ensure the resources that have been entrusted to your church will be used for ministry according to its wishes, not only now, but into the future, and even beyond the life of your church.

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