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Tom Hixson

President's Report

Northwest Baptist Foundation
Thomas R.  Hixson, President

The following facts and figures represent God’s blessings and people who have proved faithful with the good things God has given them.


The Northwest Baptist Convention (formerly the Baptist General Convention of Oregon-Washington) authorized the creation of the Northwest Baptist Foundation.  On May 4, 1956 final documents were filed with the state of Oregon and the Foundation became a corporation.  Since then the Northwest Baptist Foundation has served as the trust agency for the Convention and our churches. 


“Empowering Northwest Baptists to provide a Christian Legacy” has been the purpose of the Northwest Baptist Foundation since 1956.  This passion drives the staff of the Foundation to reach out to the Northwest Baptist Convention, its churches, associations, and their members.


The Foundation is incorporated under the laws of the State of Oregon as a nonprofit organization and is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization.  The Foundation provides scholarships, and interim and long-term financing for church construction, remodeling, and refinancing; serves as trustee for various revocable and irrevocable trusts, charitable trusts and endowments; and assists individuals in their estate and financial planning.

The work of the Foundation has expanded well beyond its Northwest base in recent years. The Foundation currently assists with accounting services for two other Baptist Foundations: New Mexico Baptist Foundation and the Southern Baptists of Texas Foundation.


During these tough economic times, we are grateful the Lord allows the Foundation to serve alongside many tremendous individuals.  It is an honor to assist them in support of the Lord’s work here in the Northwest. Even though the economy has experienced ups and downs, the financial footing of the Northwest Baptist Foundation remained strong. Funds under management increased to $41.2 million as of August 31, 2013.

The auditing firm Kern & Thompson, LLC performed the annual audit of the Foundation’s financial statements for 2013.  The Foundation continues to receive an unqualified opinion, meaning that the auditors believe that the financial statements are presented fairly and in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles.  The auditing firm continues to commend the accounting staff for their outstanding work in creating the financial statements. 

The total unrestricted net assets of the Foundation were $878,376 as of December 31, 2013.  This amount represents the Foundation’s reserves, and is equal to about one year’s budget expenses.  This indicates the strength of the Foundation’s current financial condition.

Trust and Estate Management

Managing trusts and estates continues to be a core service that the Foundation provides to Northwest churches and clients.  Over 65% of the $41.2 million in assets under management are revocable trusts on behalf of churches and individuals.  Approximately one-third of the total are Charitable Trusts, Endowments or Memorial Funds which provide income to support Baptist ministries, individuals and other charitable causes.  The 2013 endowment income was distributed in the following manner:

Northwest Baptist Convention                                                                        40,195
Northwest Baptist Churches                                                                         204,533
Northwest Baptist Associations                                                                     102,880
International Mission Board  (IMB)                                                                 13,742
North American Mission Board  (NAMB)                                                          5,099
Assistance for Short-Term missions                                                                 1,400
Educational Institutions                                                                                  34,019
Pastor Assistance                                                                                            4,000
Housing Assistance for Missionaries                                                                  4,200
Total Distributions to SBC Charities                                                               410,068
Distributions to Other Charities                                                                       54,927
Scholarships                                                                                                 50,786
Grand Total - Charitable Distributions                                                    $515,781

Church Loans

The Foundation manages the Hyde, Norris, and Moseley Church Loan funds as well as loans for several associations, churches, and individuals. As of August 31, 2014, there are 35 current loans from the Church Loan Funds totaling $10,450,300.  Since January 2014 the Foundation has made 5 new loans for a total of $836,800 which is included in the above figure.

Wills, Trusts, and Personal Care Services

Over the last year we have assisted over 100 families of Northwest Baptists in the preparation of wills, trust documents, power of attorneys, or advance directives.  We also continue to provide assistance with several individuals and families in need of personal care services.  Personal care services can include helping with monthly check writing, acting as power of attorney, or making sure the individual is cared for during their lifetime. 

We consider this to be assisting individuals with the transition from here to heaven with dignity. Sometimes this is in concert with family members, other times the Foundation is the only involved entity.  The Foundation acts as an extension of the local church when we serve in this capacity.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of individuals from Northwest Baptist churches across the region. We are blessed to have competent and capable leaders on our Board. Currently, the Board consists of three women and nine men, who have experience in the financial industry, real estate, loan processing, technology, engineering, law, business and the pastorate.
James Anderson – 2016 (2nd Term)
Committee: Church Loan and Finance Committee
Occupation: Executive Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church
Church Membership: Trinity Baptist Church, Renton, Washington
Victor Bartruff – 2015 (2nd Term)
Committee: Investment Committee
Occupation: Consulting and Personal Investment Banking
Church Membership: Creekside Bible Church, Wilsonville, Oregon
Ron Bryant – 2016 (2nd Term)
Committee: Secretary, Administrative, Investment Committee
Occupation: Attorney, Bryant, Emerson & Fitch
Church Membership: Highland Baptist Church, Redmond, Oregon
Michael Franell – 2015 (2nd Term)
Committee: Church Loan and Finance Committee
Occupation: Attorney, Franell Law; Pastor, Lozier Lane Baptist Church
Church Membership: Lozier Lane Baptist Church, Medford, Oregon
Robert Hunter, Jr. – 2017 (2nd Term)
Committee: Investment Committee
Occupation: Attorney, The Hunter Law Firm
Church Membership: Eastmont Baptist Church, East Wenatchee, Washington
Kurt Lenhoff – 2016 (2nd Term)
Committee: Administrative, Church Loan and Finance Committee
Occupation: Pastor, Northside Baptist Church
Church Membership: Northside Baptist Church, Shelton, Washington
Wayne Logan – 2017 (1st Term)
Committee: Promotion, Development, and Education Committee
Occupation: Retired School Teacher
Church Membership: Northside Baptist Church, Vancouver, Washington
Marilyn Miller – 2017 (1st Term)
Committee: Church Loan Committee
Occupation: Accountant
Church Membership: First Baptist Church, Longview, Washington
Bill Moffitt – 2014 (2nd Term)
Committee: Vice-Chairman, Administrative, Investment Committee
Occupation: Retired CEO
Church Membership: Richland Baptist Church, Richland, Washington
Georgia Scott – 2014 (2nd Term)
Committee: Administrative, Promotion, Development, and Education Committee
Occupation: Director of Business Services, Information Services, UO
Church Membership: Riviera Baptist Church, Eugene, Oregon
Lorraine Shelby – 2014 (2nd Term)
Committee: Chairman, Promotion, Development, and Education Committee
Occupation: Accountant
Church Membership: Richland Baptist Church, Richland, Washington
Jamie Sims  – 2015 (1st Term)
Committee:  Investment Committee
Occupation:  Contract Administration
Church Membership: First Baptist Church, Beaverton, Oregon
Randy Adams – NWBC Executive Director (Ex Officio)
Committee: Church Loan and Finance Committee
Occupation: Executive Director, NWBC
Church Membership: CrossPointe Baptist Church, Vancouver, Washington
Dale Jenkins –  NWBC President (Ex Officio)
Committee: Promotion, Development and Education Committee
Occupation: Pastor, Airway Heights Baptist Church
Church Membership: Airway Heights Baptist Church, Airway Heights, Washington


We have 5 employees that have 11 or more years of service for the Foundation.  This type of stability is a great asset to the Foundation.  This allows the Foundation staff to have wonderful relationships with Baptists across our Northwest Convention.

We thank all of the staff for the way in which they minister to our Northwest Baptists:

Tom Hixson, President - 1994 (20 years)
Karla Inman, Admin Asst/Office Manager -1996 (18 years)
Robin Smith, Bookkeeper – 1997 (17 years)
Clint Overall, Legal Counsel & Estate Planning Officer – 1998 (16 years)
Steve Brock, Chief Financial Officer – 2003 (11 years)
Cris Yaw, Family Financial Planner - 2008 (6 years)
Ashley Seuell, Staff Attorney – 2013 (1 year)
Heather Appleby, Admin Asst/ Public Relations – 2014 (3 months)
Pat Fuller, 9 years as volunteer

We are proud of the staff the Lord assembled here at the Foundation. Every unique talent and ability combines to enable us to work effectively. Each year our staff takes continuing education courses to stay abreast of current changes in tax, finance and law.

Our full-time staff members have the following credentials:  Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters in Education (MED), Masters of Science in Human Environmental Science (MS-HES) with emphasis in Family Financial Planning, two Certified Financial Planners (CFP), two Juris Doctor (JD), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and 6 governor appointed notary publics!  Having all of these professionals on staff is indeed a tremendous benefit for the Foundation.

We ask that you would join us in praising our GOD who truly owns it all for the success the Foundation has experienced during the past 58 years.  Let the Foundation staff help you Leave a Legacy for future generations.  We continue to look forward to many more years of experiencing God’s hand in our ministry.


Thank YOU for supporting the work of the Foundation for 60 years!


©Copyright Northwest Baptist Foundation 2011