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Trust Services

Stewardship - A Christian Legacy

In addition to assisting in the creation of your estate plans, the Northwest Baptist Foundation offers several services to aide in administering your plan.  Providing a Christian legacy includes more than just planning, but also Biblical Stewardship.  Stewardship, by definition is managing assets entrusted to us which are the very nature of trust services.  As a trust agency, the Northwest Baptist Foundation provides the following services:

Acting as Trusteefamily

The Northwest Baptist Foundation serves as trustee for many kinds of trusts – from revocable living trusts to charitable trusts and endowment funds.  Serving as trustee, the Foundation manages the trust’s investments, makes distributions, and performs other matters of administration as directed by the trust’s governing document.

Care Services

Sometimes our trust clients need more than the normal trust management services.  Maybe they need help paying their bills, or help running errands, or other personal assistance.  When this type of personal attention is required, the Foundation will work to insure that the person’s needs are met in a loving and caring manner.

Acting as Personal Representative

The Northwest Baptist Foundation also serves as personal representative, or executor, of a decedent’s estate.  While acting as personal representative the Foundation is responsible to perform the following:

Acting as Agent

When an individual creates a Power of Attorney, they will name someone to act on their behalf in the capacity and under the circumstances detailed by the document.  The person named is their agent, or attorney-in-fact.  The Foundation can serve in this capacity, when also serving as trustee of a related revocable living trust.

Acting as Conservator

Sometimes an individual becomes unable to manage their own affairs, often due to illness or disability.  When this happens, and the individual has not created a trust or power of attorney, the courts will appoint a conservator to manage the affairs for them.  The court appointment can be general, or it can be for a specific, limited purpose such as to sell the person’s home.  When necessary, the Foundation can act as conservator, managing the affairs as directed by the court, and reporting to the court as required.

Asset Management

The Northwest Baptist Foundation can serve as trustee or successor trustee for charitable trust agreements or revocable living trust arrangements that include significant benefits for Baptist or other charitable causes.  We can serve as personal representative for estates where Baptist causes are beneficiaries. The Foundation also receives and manages endowment and/or memorial funds that provide perpetual support for Baptist and other charitable causes. Charges to cover costs of management will be applied when the Foundation becomes actively involved in providing these services. A current fee schedule is available upon request.

Please contact the Northwest Baptist Foundation office to discuss how we can assist you.

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